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    Antonio Benaglia

    Antonio Benaglia was born in Voghera (PV) on the 24th of January 1961.
    He started practicing martial arts in 1974, when he was thirteen, getting his karate blue belt from Master Bassini.
    At eighteen he studied full-contact with Master Dino Milano, at the time European champion, and fought in full-contact and boxing matches while training at the gym in Voghera.
    In 2001, at the age of forty, he began practicing Aikido with his teacher, Piero Dottino, and at the same time he devoted himself to the study of Takemusu Aiki with Master Emidio Lezza, of whom he is still a student.
    He has taken part in many national and international training camps held by Masters Takeji Tomita and Emidio Lezza.
    Now he is 3rd dan of Takemusu Aiki Tomita Academy.